Terms & Conditions

Nulaz User Agreement

  • Your use of Nulaz will be on an as is basis (i.e. as it functions) and does not entail any form of guarantee. The use of Nulaz will be entirely at your own risk. You shall be responsible for your own behaviour.
  • You hereby acknowledge that all rights (including all intellectual property rights) of Nulaz vest exclusively Nulaz BV.
  • Nulaz BV and its partners shall not responsible for any damage caused while using or as a result of using Nulaz. You hereby indemnify Nulaz BV and its suppliers against all third party claims that arise from or relate to your use of Nulaz.
  • Your relationship with Nulaz BV shall be exclusively governed by Dutch law. All disputes between you and Nulaz BV shall (with the exception of all and any non-Dutch judicial institutions designated on the basis of local, provincial, national an d/or international jurisdictional laws and regulations) be exclusively submitted to the relevant court holding jurisdiction in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Nulaz BV however reserves the right to bring interim relief proceedings in any country.
  • Nulaz is continuously being developed. Nulaz may be adapted or improved without prior notice. We recommend to always use the latest release.
  • The locations of users and information provided by Nulaz may not be accurate.

Privacy Policy

  • All user details will be treated as confidential and will not be made available to third parties without permission. With user details we mean all the information that you have given us: Your personal information, email, phone number, tracks, messages, favourites, preferences, places, etcetera.
  • Only the people that you allow to see you will see you.
  • Only the information that you allow other people to see will be made available to these people.
  • In case of bankruptcy or takeover of Nulaz BV, this privacy policy still holds and your details will be protected.

These terms and conditions are subject to change, Nulaz BV has the right to modify them. When this happens, you will be notified.

By using Nulaz you agree to the above terms and conditions.