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See where your friends are, share locations and view local info.

With Nulaz on your phone, you can see what's going on around you. You can see your friends, share locations, meet new people, chat, write reviews and share your location.

With Nulaz, there's no more "boring day" for you. Do not have anything to do on weekends? Why don't you check what your friends are up to, see the latest movies, nice recommended place around you, and get together!!. Nulaz keeps your life vibrant! It's just part of your life!

Access Nulaz via Internet or your mobile phone. GPS is not required. You create an account, invite friends, and get going.


The map

On the map you get a quick overview of all friends, events and locations around you.


In the friends screen, you get a list of your friends and online public people sorted by distance. You can quickly rate friends, write comments or start a chat with them.


In the locations list, you can view locations and events around you. You can edit them, rate and write comments, and view them on the map.


In the chat screen you get a quick overview of all your chats. You can start a group chat or read a new message