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What the hell does "Nulaz" mean?

Nulaz is a term the native Indians of the Paquoia tribe used for sending smoke signals. They shared their location and they were sending messages to their friends. [Top]

How do I get Nulaz on my phone?

Type your mobile phone number in the form on this page: and you'll receive a SMS with a link to get Nulaz on your phone. [Top]

Who can see me?

In Nulaz, there are three statuses. You can set yourself public online, online, and undercover. If you have set yourself public online, everybody can see you. If you have set yourself online, only your friends can see you. If you have set yourself undercover, no one can see you. You can change your visibility on the website under Settings > Privacy or in the mobile application under Settings > My Visibility [Top]

What do the things on the map mean?

The icons

The ME icon. This is where you are
People online
Friends online
Every icon with an i is an info item, the different colors mean different categories
Every icon with an n is a location shared by another Nulaz user
Every location with a star on it, is one of your favorite locations

The Categories

Black = General
Purple = Business
Red = Going Out
Orange = Shopping
Green = friends and family
Blue = local info


How accurate are the locations of my friends?

They can be very accurate or completely wrong. When your friend sets his location to somewhere where he is not, then his location is wrong. When your friend has a GPS connected to Nulaz, his location is usually pretty accurate. [Top]

What does Nulaz do with my data?

Nothing. Nulaz displays your messages and locations to the friends that you have set to see them. [Top]

What are the terms & conditions?

You can read the terms & conditions here. [Top]

What do I do when I have a question, feedback, or a bug?

You go to the feedback form, select your topic and write us a message. We will respond to you as soon as possible. [Top]

Website application

Why do I have to activate my email address?

Nulaz requires that all people on Nulaz are registered with a working email address so you can recieve notifications from us. You may want to check your spam folder to make sure it didn't end up there by mistake. Didn't you recieve anything? Click here if you want us to send you another confirmation email.


Mobile application

Why are the messages free?

The only thing you pay for the messages is the data traffic of your mobile phone. If you have unlimited data service, they are completely free. If you have a regular contract, you usually pay about € 1 per MB. A message like: "Want to come over for a beer?" would cost you about 0.05 eurocents. [Top]

How do I control the data traffic on my phone?

You go to the setup menu and choose data traffic and there you set the volume of data that Nulaz will use. [Top]

In the phone application, why do I get a popup that asks me to allow network?

Unfortunately phone manufacturers have implemented this as a security measure to prevent people receiving an unexpected high phone bill at the end of the month. With a lot of phones you can configure these security messages.

If you have a Nokia, you should find the Installation Manager. We could prevent these warnings by buying expensive certificates, but prefer to leave the warning in there for unsuspecting users. If you check 'ask first time' it will only happen on startup.

Some phones have been branded in a way that makes it impossible to select a 'only ask first time' option. Please check your settings menu, if you can set it in the permissions for applications. If you can not do this, you should probably unlock your phone.

Why does my Nokia keep asking permission for positioning?

By default the positioning permission is set to 'ask every time'. It is not possible to change this to ask first time from the program, you need to do this from the Application Manager. The application Manager can usually be found in:

Main Menu > Applications > App. Mgr.
Open Nulaz (Installed) > Positioning > Ask First Time.

Now, it will only ask you for permission when launching the application. [Top]

How do I minimize the application?

Because it was buggy, we removed the minimize option from the application (although we are working on putting it back in). If your phone supports it, you can usually us phone 'native' controls to do it:

Nokia S60: Keep the menu button pressed for a couple of seconds and an application manager pops up that will allow you to minimize.

Sony Ericsson: Press the red button allows you to end or minimize the application. On some models holding the 'back' key pressed for a couple of seconds pops up an application manager, or automatically minimizes the application. [Top]

How do I configure my Internet settings for Nulaz?

Please check your provider. We've selected several Dutch providers, remember on some phones it is necessary to activate internet in java as well!

Dutch Vodafone users:
Follow the next instructions

Dutch T-Mobile users:
Follow the next instructions

Dutch KPN users:
Automatically: Follow the next instructions
Manually: Follow the next instructions

You need to set up your TCP settings. In the Applications menu, go to 'Options', then 'Advanced Options' and 'TCP'. You should see a screen with APN, username and password. These settings depend on your carrier. For Dutch users, here are known APN settings:

Vodafone NL

T-Mobile NL


APN: APN: internetAPN: internet
Username: Vodafone Username: <blank>Username: KPN
Password: Vodafone Password: <blank>Password: gprs

For other carriers, try looking on the Internet for 'BlackBerry TCP settings' or simply ask your carrier. [Top]